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Bromsgrove Early Help Feedback

Bromsgrove Early Help Feedback

We were made aware of the services Rob and his team could offer from Malvern Early Help as they had commissioned Rob to deliver support services to families and young people within their community. We therefore approached Rob with a specific piece of work we would like to be undertaken in Bromsgrove the majority of our referrals are for young people aged 13 – 19 years.

Many of these referrals are young people who struggle to manage their emotions and display aggressive behaviours at times.

Through consultation with myself and team members Rob organised a bespoke group in order to support young people re their emotions and offer them tools/strategies of how to cope in difficult situations.

We also commissioned Rob and his team to deliver a 5-day half term group helping young people to express their feelings, overcome difficulties such as low self-esteem, bullying, exam pressure and explore their support networks, hopes and aspirations. The group was very successful and the young people very much enjoyed the time they spent as part of the group.

Rob has been professional and prompt in his responses since his involvement with Early Help and has always been very accommodating re the specific needs of the families and young people who are referred to our service.

Nicky Pearson
Family Support Co-ordinator
Bromsgrove Early Help

Quotes from the staff team

She found it really useful. She is still using the techniques of the stress balls and the positivity box and feels she has learnt when she is getting angry how to calm herself down.

For me it was good that he who is a prolific non-attender completed all 5 sessions. He felt listened to. Working within a group of similar young people he felt he wasn’t alone in his problems and actually felt the others were sometimes in a more difficult place than he was. This was helpful as it made him consider and reflect on his own behaviour and the reasons for it.

She really enjoyed her half term Positive Activities sessions – she even asked if she could attend an extra day, which amazed her mum.