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North Bromsgrove PBS Course

North Bromsgrove PBS Course

We received this feedback after running a course for 2 students at North Bromsgrove High School & Sixth Form…

Dear Rob,

Our students have both had positive experiences on your Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) course.

The ideas and strategies you have shown them are being put into practise back in school.

It is a learning experience that many students could benefit from in their day to day lives.

It showed our students how to engage with students from other schools and showed them how to approach others without becoming involved negatively towards others.

I also feel that having to go off school site to attend this course helps to build more trust and not have the pressure of running a course like this in school because I feel it brings extra pressure to the students and they would not engage well.

Both students appear calmer and a little more settled in their day to day routine. I hope this continues because they are both lovely students.

Thank you, to you and other staff who have helped and supported these students through this course.

Marian Newman| Behaviour Support Room
North Bromsgrove High School & Sixth Form

Student comments;

“Coming to the course helped me think about my actions towards others and I manage my temper by using my calming down techniques….”

“I felt I am less angry at home as well as school. The course was good and I saw others needing the same support”