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Mobile youth services working with communities across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Why can AYOS deliver the solution?

AYOS is well placed to initiate, and follow through on, the creation and implementation of new and innovative services, as well as to work closely in partnership to support and develop those services which are already being effectively delivered.

Together we bring the passion, drive, determination, belief, skills and experience to push the vision of AYOS from dream to reality, and to establish a lasting legacy of transformation in the lives of young people.

What is there to gain?

There is much to be gained through the pursuit of AYOS’s vision – for the young people who directly access those services, and for the families, communities, schools and businesses who benefit from the transformation in the lives of those young people who are engaged with AYOS.

Community relations will be improved as young people assume responsibility for their actions, and accept accountability for their own situations and behaviour. Councils and communities will take a more active interest in the progress of young people, which will create an upward, rather than downward, spiral in terms of behaviour, and the consequences of behaviour