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Amblecote Primary School


On Friday 4th December 2015 Active Youth Outreach Services ran a ‘fun day’ on behalf Amblecote Primary School, Stourbridge as part of their Medieval day in line with their current upper key stage 2 topic. The aim of the day was to give the children an in site in to what life was like for an archer during these times, enabling them to contextualise their historical research.


The primary school approached AYOS as a result of hearing about the work we do with children and young people and asked for us to set up a session as part of their topic in line with their key learning objectives. The day began with us setting up our mobile archery range on site at Amblecote primary, with full safety netting and real target bosses. Our qualified staff then engaged with around 70 children across the day, each in groups of 15 in FULL medieval fancy dress.

Each group received a full safety brief, highlighting aspects of importance they need to take in to account when taking their turn, then in smaller groups of 4 they were called forward to have go. Whilst under the guidance of our highly trained staff the children were coached with regards to stance, body angle, correct technique and aiming in order for them to successfully get the arrows in the targets.


Throughout the day the children learnt how to use a bow and arrow as well as the safety rules needed to take part effectively, we explored the different types of bows used within in the sport including the historical ones used throughout medieval times. The final session culminated in an experiment using a real piece of chainmail as worn by archers in history, the children wanted to see if this armour would’ve been effective to protect individuals on the battlefield.

We had some great feedback and the Head Mistress from Amblecote Primary School said;

“Our kids loved the day and the staff were fabulous, thanks for making their medieval day amazing”


As a result of the positive feedback we are now launching a er school clubs and curriculum based topics for children and young people across the region to incorporate archery as well as OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities) to include bush craft , survival and orienteering sessions.

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