Malvern Hills early help


During April and May 2016 Active Youth Outreach Services ran a taught Self Esteem Start Up course (SESU) at a secondary school in Malvern, as part of a Malvern Hills Early Help strategy. Our aims were to focus on young people in need of improving their self esteem; the course worked through a series of associated topics to allow the young people to express themselves, equipping the young people with different coping mechanisms whilst working through the top- ics of Respect, Self Confidence, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Low Mood/Depression and Motivation.


Malvern Hills Early Help continue to work with AYOS as a part of our collaboration agreement and have had much success across various different initiatives.

During the 7 week course we were based at a school in Malvern and delivered a range of strategy based learning sessions specifically focusing on; Thinking respectfully about yourself and others, Promoting own Self-Esteem, Overcoming Anxiety, Reducing stress and coping strategies, Recognising anger and implementing assertive behaviour, Managing emotions and Motivational strategies.

The key aim for the sessions were to allow the young people to discuss openly scenarios and areas of concern or distress whilst understanding triggers for negative feelings as well as equipping them with methods to help manage these situations, empowering them to stay in control.


During the sessions were engaged with 7 young people as part of the course, many of the young people had been struggling with their attendance and self esteem for some me, all the young people engaged with the taught elements of the course. We structured each session differently in order to inspire the group and incorporated active elements outdoors to meet the wide range of learning styles. We recorded a 100% attendance rate for the course and 100% of the young people said that they felt the course made a difference and it helped them in some way.

Here are a few quotes we received from our young people;

“Help on how to control myself and motivate myself and others”

“It taught me to look at myself positively”

“A new meaning of things”

“Information and opinions”

“It provided help and happiness”

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As a result of the positive outcomes we are now launching another course in Malvern focusing on positive relationships and domestic violence.