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DY10 Big Local - Get Active Initiative

During the summer of 2020 we delivered PE in the Park at Springfield Park and St George’s park to reduce the level of inactivity within children aged 5-14 in the DY10, Kidderminster area. This project ran between mid July to end of August.


DY10 Big local and Sport England had identified the need for activities within the community to reduce inactivity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


From new funding from DY10 Big Local, we were able to set up and deliver a safe activity area within Springfield Park and St Georges park for five weeks over the summer. These spaces allowed us to deliver our activity in line with local and government guidance.

We utilised our coaching staff throughout the project to deliver the most effective sessions to children. Each of the sessions were 45 minutes long and consisted of circuit training like activities. The key aim for the sessions was to build relationships with children and young people and reduce the level of inactivity that was a result of closure of school and reduction of community sports and facilities.


During the sessions we would actively support the children to pick exercises to suit their level of need and encourage them to return to future sessions. Coaching staff also took the opportunity to engage with participants in conversation to improve social development.

We successfully engaged with over 50 children and young people across the five weeks and 100% of our attendees said that they found the sessions engaging and boosted their confidence to take part in more exercise.

Here are a few quotes we received from the attendees

“She has really come out of her shell”

“When can we do this again”

“Its great to see activities still being delivered, even in these times”

“It’s really great to see children getting involved, especially in these uncertain times.”
Bethany OBrien – Big Local DY10 Community Development Worker


As a result of the positive outcomes we are hoping to gain further funding and support for children and young people of Kidderminster to become less inactive and more involved with community activities during and after the COVID-19 period.

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