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Bromsgrove and Redditch District Council


During February and March 2016 Active Youth Outreach Services ran a taught Positive Behaviour Support course (PBS as part of an Early Help strategy supported by Bromsgrove and Redditch District Council. Our intention was to educate young people to make positive decisions; working with young people displaying aggressive behaviours and how to manage these emotions appropriately, recognising triggers, equipping the young people with different coping mechanisms and strategies by talking through their emotions.


Bromsgrove and Redditch Early Help approached AYOS as a result of our previous success delivering a positive engagement outreach project for young people during February Half Term 2016.

During the 5 week course we were based at Sunnyfields Children’s Centre in Bromsgrove and delivered a range of strategy based learning sessions specifically focusing on; understanding the importance of respect, identifying motivational strategies, recognising anger and implementing assertive behaviour, managing emotions and exploring coping strategies as well as promoting self-esteem to be a part of a solution focused approach.

The key aim for the sessions were to allow the young people to discuss openly scenarios and areas of frustration and anger as well as equipping them with methods to help manage these situations, empowering them to stay in control.


During the sessions were engaged with 8 young people as part of the course, many of the young people had been struggling with their anger for some time, but never the less engaged with the taught elements of the course. We structured each session differently in order to inspire and motivate the group to allow the wider range of abilities to access the learning. We recorded a 95% attendance rate for the course and 88% of the young people said that they felt the course made a difference, 100% said they had found it useful, felt that their voice was heard and felt supported by staff.

Here are a few quotes we received from our young people; “Showed me how to take control of my anger” “Helped me think before I act and say things” “Helped my self-control” “It has helped me be less angry” “Allowed me to speak about things that I don’t really speak about much”


As a reward for completing the course the young people will be receiving a ’fun day’ utilising our youth trailer and mobile activities. As a result of the positive outcomes we are now launching other courses across the county to include, Self Esteem Start Up (SESU), and Positive Relationship courses for young men and women (CRUSH).

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