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Mobile Youth Trailer


During early 2016 Active Youth Outreach Services ran an outreach projects in Tenbury promoting positive behaviour and engagement as part of an Early Help strategy supported by Malvern Hills Early Help, Action For Children. Our intention was to educate young people to make positive decisions through structured engagement and low level mediation.


Malvern Hills Early Help had identified groups of young people in Tenbury that were in need of some positive engagement strategy from our services.


Malvern Hills Early Help commission AYOS to deliver various outreach projects and taught courses as a result of many successful programmes delivered across Malvern Hills District. We regularly utilise our mobile youth outreach trailer to provide structured sessions surrounding positive engagement, low level media on and signposting support. During the sessions we were based at Tenbury Swimming pool on the car park, we set up all of our mobile resources aboard the youth trailer which houses; TVs, Games Consoles, Sofas as well as our outdoor activities including inflatables, archery, mobile skate ramps, table tennis, various team challenges and sporting items. The key aim for the sessions were to build relationships with the young people and o er structured discussions to support them in the day to day positive behaviour choices.


During the sessions we structured each day differently depending on what the young people wanted to achieve. Across the spaces available throughout the 6 week project we recorded a 82% retention of young people a ending 3 or more sessions. All of the young people had never met before and left our outreach project having made new friends and feeling more con dent to act upon their own behaviour choices. All of the young people said the outreach project was useful and made a difference to them.

Here are a few quotes we received from our young people;

“Activities and making new friends” “It’s better than being at home”


As a result of the posi ve outcomes we have now been commissioned to deliver more taught courses including ‘Self Esteem Start Up’ and a ‘CRUSH’ programme promoting healthy relationships for young women

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