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The Big Local DY10 Partnership


During the summer of 2016 Active Youth Outreach Services was part of a large scale community outreach programme promoting positive behaviour and engagement supported by The Big Local DY10 Partnership. Our focus was to deliver services in the heart of disaffected communities enabling children and young people to pursue constructive and stimulating activity.


The Big Local DY10 Partnership works within the catchment areas of Greenhill, Horsefair and Broadwaters and organise projects in identified areas of highest need.


Big Local DY10 approached AYOS as a result of our reputation and being one of few remaining mobile youth services. During the 5 weeks of summer we delivered every Monday between Springfield Park and Clensmore Field.
We utilised all of our mobile resources on-board the youth trailer which houses; TVs, games consoles, sofas, arts and crafts as well as our outdoor activities which included inflatables, archery, mobile skate ramps, table tennis and sporting equipment. The key aim for the sessions were to offer structured engagement avenues for children and young people to make productive choices and use of their free time.


During the sessions we would encourage young people to take part in meaningful activities, use effective communication and being respectful to one another. We successfully engaged with over 490 children and young people across the five weeks and two sites, many of which attended both locations. 100% of our attendees said that they enjoyed all of the services AYOS provided and felt supported during their engagement and that it made a difference giving them something to do and somewhere to be.

Jayne Nicholl – Community Development Worker – “The Big Local DY10 Partnership was delighted to work with Rob Delahay and AYOS during this Summer. AYOS were extremely professional and organised in their delivery of the various activities that really appealed to the children of our area. The results speak for themselves with nearly 500 children engaging in the activities over the five days. AYOS are a pleasure to work with and they produce results!”

Here are a few quotes we received from our young people:

“Thank you for having us every Monday, me and my two boys really did enjoy coming along” “We had a great day at both sites, see you again next week”

“Our boys had a wonderful me this morning at Springfield Park, Thank you AYOS”

“Why can’t you be here every Monday? We hope you are back at half term”


As a result of the positive outcomes we are hoping to gain funding for further sustained outreach work to support the children and young people within DY10, giving them a consistent and safe space to seek advice and support.

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