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DY10 Big Local Partnership

The Project 

The aim of the DY10 Outreach project was to engage with multiple people across the area with exciting activities during the summer.  Across the five sessions that we delivered at Springfield Park, we worked with Stiklings CIC, who specializes in delivering circus skills to young people. The activities that we delivered included scootering, archery, bouncy castle, and sports. Through utilising our own guidelines, we were able to create a COVID safe environment using track and trace, cleaning down equipment between sessions and placing hand sanitiser pumps across the site.  This style of project has been delivered almost every year since 2017, giving us a time of year where we engage with more of the community to talk about upcoming projects and identify barriers in the community. 

Aims of the DY10 project:
-    Deliver engaging activities to the community 
-    Support the development of the community post lockdown 
-    Engage children and families with AYOS’s vision 
-    Support the development of Youth Outreach Workers


Across the summer we regularly advertised on social media about the project, when and where the project was happening. We also worked with DY10 to share a flyer around to families who are not on our social media links. We are currently tapped into Friends of groups in the local area and Kidderminster connects, which covers over 3000 members. 
Delivery of sessions 

The sessions were delivered each Monday from the 26th July to 23rd August, totaling 5 sessions. Each of the sessions were unstructured, which allowed for those who attended to come and go as they pleased throughout the day. We ran the session from 09:30 – 14:30 each day with a 30-minute break for lunch at 12. A high proportion of those who we engaged with previously had asked for more exciting activities that they could engage within the community. Through Stiklings assisting us with delivery, we were able to offer exactly that. Each week we would offer the same activities, but people would engage with them on different levels. 

Staff were rotated each week to assist with the delivery of different activities. This helped to give a fresh face to activities across the week and give staff the opportunity to speak with new people. Following a survey conducted after the project, we have some feedback:

The activities would be even better if you could “Advertise in local schools before the holidays” and “Make it bigger”

“Every member of staff were amazing. So much patience and time for each and every child. My nephew has additional needs and all I can say is I wished his teachers were like your staff/team as he responded so well to each and every one of them. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. A million out of 10 from us. Well done everyone. And I can not believe it was free. That was unbelievable. Even if u charged £1 or more I would have happily paid more so that money could be put into extra days.”

Activities that people would like to see more of in the community:
-    My nephew says fencing but from our point of view all I would like is more days please.
-    Sports
-    More of the same would be great
-    Rock climbing
-    Outdoor performances, dance, music.

Written feedback:

“What a wonderful afternoon. The children have really enjoyed themselves and who knew I had a fairly competent plate spinner and archery man in the family. Thank you, wonderful resource.”

“Great fun for the children and a fantastic idea to give them something nice to do during the holiday” 

“Fabulous entertainment for the children, come every week as the children enjoy it so much. Daughter loves the circus skills and son has enjoyed the archery.”

“A very well organised event. Enjoyed by us all. Lots to do and very informative. Had a fun time thank you all. Hope to see you again.”

“Has been a fantastic experience, I have 2 children with additional needs, this has been so much fun for them with endless things to do. I hope to see this again next year, its really made the summer holidays, so much more pleasant."

Future amendments 

-    Plan in more activities and build relationships with partners to deliver in the area
-    Work with local clubs to support delivery of more activities over the week
-    Set clear guidelines on young people attending the event without parents or guardians

Totals of activity delivery  

Week 1 – 80 - 100
Week 2 – 130 - 150
Week 3 – 100 - 120
Week 4 – 80 - 100
Week 5 – 80 – 100

5% - DY11
94% - DY10
<1% - HR7. HR8, WR2, WR5, SY16, DY6, DY5

Special thanks to DY10 Big Local, for giving us an extra grant to support logistics of the project over the summer. Also thanks to Brook Hire, Kidderminster, for assisting us with using the van.

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